Hello World from Baigel Corp.

On September 4, 1989, Michael Baigel walked through the doors of BDO in Manchester, England to begin a career in insolvency rescue. A mere 28 years later, he opened the doors of Baigel Corp. in Toronto, Canada to begin rescuing small and owner managed businesses.

Michael recently celebrated the 17th anniversary of living and working in Toronto, and after assisting more than a thousand businesses in his career, it was time to bring his experience and knowledge directly to businesses facing financial distress.

Baigel Corp. is an independent Licensed Insolvency Trustee providing corporate insolvency services and reorganization advice to company directors and officers, and to lenders. Baigel Corp. will be able to rely on the extensive corporate recovery experience of Michael, especially in the manufacturing and retail industries.  Michael is also experienced in personal insolvency matters and therefore has a rare understanding of how the two insolvency worlds inter-relate.

Please feel free to visit the rest of the website at https://smallbusinessinsolvency.ca/.

Please contact Michael at baigel@baigel.ca or 647 777 7916 if you wish to learn more about the Advisor portal, and how you can use it to serve your clients.