BaigelWorld Cup18 Pool Results, Launch Party and World Cup Wrap Up

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Launch Party

Thank you to all those who ventured out in the heat for the Baigel Corp. launch party on July 11, which incorporated the England vs. Croatia Semi-Final match. In a fitting omen, the main prize draw featuring an English World Cup winning 1966 captain’s jersey was won by the only Croatian supporter at the party. Although England could not make football come home, we hope you enjoyed yourself.

Thanks to your help, Baigel Corp. is well and truly launched, so please feel free to check out the website at


BaigelWorld Cup18 Pool Results

It is the day after a fantastic World Cup has ended. It was a wonderful competition which had upsets, surprises, skill, luck, weirdness and underdogs triumphing aplenty throughout, until France finally emerged victorious. Nonetheless, it is understandable that the result you have really been waiting for is that of the BaigelWorld Cup18 pool. So, with no further ado, displaying an exemplary understanding of the intricacies of international football, the Champion is:

Champion                Steve Wesfield, Miller Thomson LLP

Silver                      Steve Wolpert, Whitten & Lublin

Bronze                    CATHY Ackerson, Wells Fargo









Most Dedicated    Seema Aggarwal, Barrister & Solicitor

Very Dedicated     Danny Nunes, DLA Piper (Canada) LLP

Match Commentary

The Steve W’s dominated the BaigelWorld Cup 18 pool and took the top two spots. Even more curiously, the previous World Cup champion of the pool that I organized was also a Steve W, Steve Weisz of Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP. Obviously, the key to winning a World Cup pool is to change your name to Steve W.

The BaigelWorld Cup18 was decided in the very last game as Steve Wolpert launched a last desperate bid to overtake Steve Wesfield by selecting a Croatian win. Thanks to an Argentinian referee’s bizarre understanding of the handball rule, the “Hail Mary” fell short. Had the referee made the correct call, then it is very possible that we would have a different Champion, but such decisions determine legacies. Therefore, Steve Wesfield is the BaigelWorld Cup18 pool Champion and he came 153rd out of 275,406 global entrants, and 2nd out of 3002 Canadian entrants. Cathy Ackerson could not make up the ground because she selected the exact same result as our Champion in the final game and she therefore claimed 3rd spot.

The most dedicated poolee was Seema Aggarwal who managed to pick every single game’s result, yet relied on Liverpudian football knowledge to get the most incorrect picks. It’s been a bad couple of months for Liverpool. Danny Nunes’ pool picks suffered once the great Cristiano Ronaldo departed from the scene, but he still maintained an admirable commitment to pool picks, and an admirable commitment to selecting incorrect results. Many of the results in this World Cup were absolutely crazy, and this was proven by the difference in correct predictions between the very top and bottom of the pool being a mere 17%.


Steve Wesfield will receive a classic 1970 Brazil shirt as is due to one of the greatest of all time and a glass in the form of the World Cup trophy, Steve Wolpert a Croatian vodka befitting second place and a football, and Cathy Ackerson, an MLS football because we are in North America.

Seema Aggarwal will receive a classic Italy shirt. As you will appreciate, Italy were not in the World Cup and therefore could be considered the biggest losers this time around.  Danny Nunes will receive an American Football, which is an incorrect football, but one which he can kick every time he thinks about Portugal’s last game.

Thank you

As mentioned at the Baigel Corp. launch party, we thank all of you who wisely invested their time in the BaigelWorld Cup18 pool. We now have World Cup 2026 to look forward to on our doorstep, but in the meantime, we hope to reconvene in two years for Euro 2020. We also hope to see all of you before that time.

Until we meet again, we wish you all the best.