2583350 Ontario Inc. operating as Method Fitness gym – in Bankruptcy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I continue to pay gym fees?

At the date of bankruptcy, the Company’s bank was instructed to freeze all automatic withdrawals. However, to be sure that no further payments are withdrawn, you may wish to contact your bank or credit card company as well.

I have prepaid for personal training. What happens to my prepayment?

If you have a prepaid for any service from the gym that you did not receive, then you are a creditor and you are encouraged to make a claim against the Company’s estate. To make a claim against the Company’s estate, please complete and return the proof of claim form found in the creditors’ notice package.

Alternatively, for payments made using a credit card, you may choose to contact your credit card company. Some members have had success receiving a partial reimbursement or total charge reversal from their credit card provider.

Do I have to come to the meeting of creditors?

You are welcome to attend the meeting of creditors, but attendance is not mandatory. All creditors are invited to attend the meeting of creditors taking place at 12:00pm on Thursday March 28th, 2019, at the Edward Hotel North York located at 185 Yorkland Blvd, North York, ON M2J 4R2.

I have still not emptied my locker. Can I still empty it?

If you wee unable to attend the days organized by the Trustee and still have personal belongings in the lockers at the gym that you wish to remove, please advise the Trustee immediately and provide your full name, membership number, and locker number. The Trustee will endeavour to make special arrangements for you before the end of business on March 26, 2019. After March 26, 2019, the lockers may be emptied and the contents disposed of.