Baigel Corp.’s response to Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Dear clients and friends

In order to assist the efforts against the current Covid 19/Coronavirus pandemic, our firm is temporarily adapting its services and operations.

We shall continue to work and to provide our full diligent, prompt and professional services throughout this testing time.

We appreciate that some people may have concerns about impending deadlines, but be assured that we have been liaising with our supervisory licensing body and other government agencies, and they have been very understanding regarding the situation.  We are pleased to say that we will be given substantial freedom to deal with all such matters. Some technical regulatory restrictions are being temporarily eased and we have flexibility to make better use of remote communications to assist everyone. In other words, don’t worry and we will get you through these challenges.

Thanks to the flexibility noted above, we shall not be meeting in person for everyone’s best health.

Please do NOT come to the office and we ask that you email us at with your enquiries and we will reply as soon as possible. During this time, email is preferred but if you do not have access to email, then you may call our regular number and if unanswered, please leave a message clearly including your name and telephone number. For those who usually deliver packages by hand, please mail them to us.

We do not take these steps lightly, but do so to protect our clients, friends and colleagues. We would rather be considered to have over-reacted than have regrets at not taking sufficient action and these preventative measures are our contribution to help our community limit the spread of the virus. We are thankful for your understanding.

On a personal note, we have seen a lot of misinformation circulated on social media and would ask that you please listen to direct medical and government sources for the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Stay safe, be in good health and we hope to see you soon when our community is back to normal.

We wish you well.

BAIGEL CORP, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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200 Consumers Rd, Suite 705,
Toronto, ON, M2J 4R4


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