Landlords in the World of Covid-19

Michael Baigel of Baigel Corp. and Gustavo F. Camelino of Camelino Galessiere LLP shall be presenting a webinar to the GTA Accountants Network on Wednesday September 2, 2020. The presentation will address deferred rent in the COVID-19 pandemic– options for landlords, options for tenants and what their accountants should know about the potential future collision… continue reading

C.L.C Creative Learning Centre (Ontario) Ltd.

C.L.C. Creative Learning Centre (Ontario) Ltd. filed an assignment in bankruptcy on July 29, 2020 and Baigel Corp. was appointed as the Licensed Insolvency Trustee of the estate of the bankrupt by the Official Receiver. The notice and the associated documents linked below are provided for information purposes to stakeholders and do not constitute advice…. continue reading